Combat Veterans United

In 2003 after returning from Iraq a few Soldiers with bikes decided to ride together under one flag.  The ride was for our brothers and sisters who could no longer be with us to enjoy the rides.  As we grew closer together and decompressed from our tours overseas we figured we could put our combined resources together for the betterment of fellow Veterans.  By 2008 we had grown in numbers and resources.  We have reached out to local Veterans with a variety of needs.  We have helped some gain the much deserved assistance from local, state, and Federal resources.  We have assisted some with assistance such as enrollment into the Veterans Administration health care system, disability entitlements, temporary housing, nutrition and food, and even some construction projects. Today we reach out to Veterans in need and try to assist in any way we can.  We have been there and know what it feels like to need a bit of assistance and be to proud to ask.  We invite you along for our ride.  Welcome home.
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